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How to Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk From iPhone and Android


User bulk deleting facebook posts from iPhone app
Khamosh Pathak

Up until now, you had to use a Chrome extension on a computer to bulk delete Facebook posts. Now, you can delete old Facebook posts in bulk right from your iPhone or Android smartphone using a new Activity Log feature.

After opening the Facebook app, tap the hamburger menu button.

Tap the Facebook hamburger icon.

Here, choose your profile from the top.

Select your profile from the menu in Facebook

Tap the three-dot menu button.

Tap the Menu button from your profile

Select the “Activity Log” option.

Choose Activity Log from menu

You’ll now see a list of all actions done on the social network. This will likely be quite a long list. Now, tap the “Manage Activity” icon from the top toolbar.

Tap Manage Activity

From the pop-up, select the “Your Posts” option.

Choose Your Posts

You’ll now see a reverse-chronological list of all your posts.

From the “Your Posts” page, start checking the posts that you want to delete.

Check the posts you want to delete

If you just want to remove the posts from your timeline, but you don’t want to delete them completely, you can choose the “Archive” option. If you want to permanently delete the posts, tap the “Recycle Bin” button.

Tap on Archive or Recycle Bin

Facebook will move the items to the Recycle Bin for 30 days, after which they will be deleted permanently. Tap the “Move To Recycle Bin” button to confirm.

Tap on Move to Recycle Bin

You can access both the Archive and the Recycle Bin options from the top of the Activity Log menu (swipe horizontally to reveal them).

Choose Archive or Recycle Bin from Activity Log menu

You can go into the Archive option, select the posts, and tap the “Restore” button to add the posts back to your profile.

Tap on Restore from Archive menu

From the Recycle Bin option, tap the “Restore” button to return the posts back to their original place.

Tap on Restore from Recycle Bin menu

If you don’t want to deal with going through and removing all of your old posts, you can delete your Facebook account altogether.

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