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Android TV might soon support multi-user Voice Match for Google Assistant


Most, if not all, Android TV remotes come with a dedicated Google Assistant button. It allows you to speed up a ton of interactions and makes accessing shows and apps not instantly accessible on the homescreen easier. However, most TVs are shared between multiple family members, so it’s a bummer that Assistant can’t tell who’s talking to it, especially since Google’s smart speakers and displays are capable of customizing results via Voice Match. That feature might soon make the jump to Google’s TV platform.

As a refresher, Voice Match allows you to get personal results like calendar events and respects your media preferences, offering access to your Netflix profile or Spotify playlists. When you use Assistant on Android TV, you only get personalized results for the Google account currently logged in, so voice control is limited for others.

In an app teardown of the latest Google Search app for Android TV (v4.2.0), 9to5Google found out that this is bound to change. There are strings that point to options for Voice Match, and they seem to be in line with the experience on other platforms. You can set up Voice Match right on Android TV or simply activate it if you’ve already verified your voice on another device.

Activate Voice Match on this TV

”Your Assistant can already recognize you by your voice, and tell you apart from others.

Voice Match allows your Assistant to identify you and tell you apart from others. The Assistant takes clips of your voice to form a unique voice model, which is only stored on your device(s). Your voice model may be sent temporarily to Google to better identify your voice.

If you decide later that Voice Match isn’t for you, simply remove it from Assistant Settings. To view or delete the audio clips you record during Voice Match setup, go to activity.google.com.”

Since not all Android TVs have hotword detection, it’s unclear whether Voice Match will come to every device running on the platform. It’s certainly possible that we’ll only see the capability in Google’s upcoming Chromecast successor, code-named Sabrina. There are also some devices like JBL’s Link Bar that might benefit from Voice Match, so let’s hope the feature will be available widely.

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