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Gboard redundantly suggests podcasts on Google Podcasts redundantly


Gboard, Google’s own keyboard app, is able to suggest a variety of items to autocomplete a sentence or even autofill a form. Its powers have also been seamlessly integrated into other Google functions. Now, if you’re looking up a podcast, Gboard on Android will even start nudging you towards shows with every letter you type.

A tipster alerted us to this relatively new feature when he was looking up something to listen to from the Google Podcasts platform (accessible via dedicated app or through Google Assistant) when he started typing and found Gboard’s suggestion bar filled with shows that mirrored the top results.

Indeed, type in the letter ‘H’ and you’ll see “Hidden Brain” and “How I Built This with Guy Raz” from NPR, and the Harvard Business Review’s “IdeaCast” as the top three listings as well as in Gboard’s top bar. The same goes for any other sequence you place into search. It’s a redundant feature that really only serves to save an inch or so’s stretch from your fingers, but hey, we can chalk another one up for convenience.

Gboard’s podcast suggestions do not appear in third-party players — too bad, so sad — but they are available to a decently wide extent as the latest stable and beta versions have them. You can check the Play Store or APK Mirror for the downloads you may need.

[apk pname=’com.google.android.inputmethod.latin’ name=”Gboard -the Google Keyboard”]

Here’s the APK Mirror link for Google Podcasts, if you’re so inclined to use the app.

[apk pname=’com.google.android.apps.podcasts’ name=”Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts”]

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