What Is Sound Check on iPhone, and How Do You Use It?


Using your iPhone’s “Sound Check” feature, you can prevent your phone from blasting loud music in your ears. Here’s how the feature works and what you have to do to enable it.

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iPhone’s Sound Check Feature Explained

The Sound Check feature on your iPhone basically tries to keep your music’s volume consistent. For example, if you move from a quiet music track to a louder one, your iPhone ensures that that louder track’s volume isn’t any higher than the quiet one.

It does so by scanning your songs and finding each song’s loudness. This information is saved in each song’s metadata, which basically means your actual and original songs aren’t modified.

Note: As of the writing in February 2022, the Sound Check feature is only available in Apple’s stock Music app. This feature doesn’t work in other apps, like Spotify.

How to Enable Sound Check on iPhone

To use Sound Check, you’ll have to first enable the feature from Settings on your iPhone.

Start by launching the Settings app on your phone. In Settings, tap the “Music” option.


On the “Music” page, scroll all the way down. Then, turn on the “Sound Check” option.

Tip: In the future, to disable Sound Check, simply turn off the “Sound Check” option.

Enable the

Sound Check is now enabled. To use it, launch the Music app on your phone and start playing a music track. As you move from one song to another, the feature will ensure you get a consistent volume level.

And that’s how you keep your ears safe by preventing extremely loud music from playing on your iPhone!

While you’re at it, did you know you can play or pause music by tapping your iPhone’s back?

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