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OnePlus Camera v5.4.10 beta introduces Quick Share, video capture shortcut, and new filters (APK Download)


The latest OnePlus Camera beta (version 5.4.10) is all about speed. Faster sharing, fast burst mode photos, and faster video capture are among the new features, as well as a few additional filters that make use of the color filter camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro. First available with the Android 11 Beta on that phone and the regular OnePlus 8, it also works on those phones running Android 10 if you sideload the app.

Depending on how often you like to share your photos and videos on social media, the new Quick Share option could be the most useful among the new features. Long-pressing the last capture in the bottom right corner of the viewfinder brings up a new sharing wheel and swiping onto your chosen app shares it directly. This seems to be inspired by the Google Camera app, though I’m not sure why you’d want to share a photo without first looking at it. There doesn’t seem to be a way of customizing the social apps that appear here, but presumably, they will change with use. The three-dot icon allows you to choose an app to share with, so you’re not restricted to the three other options.

Left: Quick Share. Center: Long press shutter options. Right: Quick video zoom gestures.

We’ve seen other camera apps add a long-press for video option to the shutter in recent years, and now OnePlus has followed suit. You can choose whether long-pressing the shutter will instantly start video recording (as the Google Camera now does) or takes a burst of photos as it did before. If you stick with video, which is now the default, you can then slide your thumb left and right to zoom out or in — a handy little gesture if you want to quickly film something and also get closer to the action.

A bunch of new filters has also arrived, although they don’t seem to have any names yet in my version of the app. They don’t seem to be too exciting, but you can see the full range below. According to XDA Developers, who are using the app in the Android 11 beta, names such as FaceApp, BeautyPlus, Clare, Juno, and Valencia will be used. These could be subject to change, though, so we’ll have to wait and see. XDA also noticed a string hiring at an upcoming Document Mode feature, so we can expect that to see that in a future update.

The beta camera app is available on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro with the Android 11 Beta, but you can also grab it from APK Mirror and sideload it on one of those phones running Android 10 (as I did). It might work on older OnePlus devices, too, but no guarantees.

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