YouTube Takes on TikTok With a New 15-Second Video Feature

A woman films a short 15-second video for YouTube.

Why let TikTok have all the fun? YouTube is testing a new mobile feature that lets people string together short 15-second videos. Like TikTok videos, the short-form videos on YouTube contain multiple clips or “segments” and are filmed through the YouTube app.

You record the videos straight from the YouTube app and, like TikTok videos, can contain a mix of multiple clips or “segments.”‘

According to a YouTube blog post, some YouTube creators will see the option to create a video (as opposed to upload a video) from their YouTube mobile app. You can hold a button to start recording a clip. Releasing the button stops the recording so you can reorient yourself and add another clip to your video. Once you’ve built up 15 seconds of clips, you’re all done! Upload it!

Functionally, YouTube’s new short-clip feature sounds identical to TikTok. Both services string multiple clips together into 15-second videos. But we don’t know how YouTube’s videos will act once they’re uploaded. Will YouTube copy TikTok’s stream of endless, rapid-fire videos? Or will short 15-second clips co-mingle with larger full-sized videos?

And how will YouTube compete with other TikTok clones, like Facebook’s Lasso app or the new Instagram Reels? Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are already experienced with short videos because of Stories, while YouTube’s only notable advantage is its community of vloggers.

YouTube says that its short-video feature will appear on some creators’ mobile apps. It’s still in its testing stages, but it should roll out to more users over time. The company hasn’t clarified a full release date for the feature or released any concept images, trailers, or screenshots.

Source: YouTube via TNW

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