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YouTube Music gains the ability to start playback directly from album covers on the web


YouTube Music may not have had the most auspicious beginnings, but the service is quickly adding features ahead of Google Play Music’s impending shutdown. Earlier this month the Explore tab started rolling out on the web, then the Android app gained a new ‘Related’ tab, and just last week it added the ability to swipe between songs. Now YouTube Music on the web is gaining a small speed improvement to album playback.

Starting album playback from the Home, Explore, and Library sections of the YouTube Music website and progressive web app is now a bit faster. Instead of having to load up the entire album page before clicking play, now users can simply move their cursor over the album cover art and hit the play button that appears. Clicking anywhere else on the album art will open the album’s page as usual. You can also pause playback directly from album art as well.

We’ve always been able to start playback of individual playlists and songs without opening their specific listing page, but this brings feature parity to albums themselves. It’s not exactly the major addition that transferring libraries was, but this is yet another minor improvement that shows Google is pouring a lot of love into making YouTube Music the best service it can be. If you’re a Google Play Music user interested in Google’s new music service, check out our guide to making the switch.

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