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Your Ultimate Mobile Tech Source

You can keep hoping your carrier’s customer service gets better, or you can just switch to Ting Mobile


Phone carrier customer service is kind of like car insurance. You can spend weeks — if not years — without using it. Then one day *BAM*, you need help, and a moment of crisis is the worst time to find out your carrier’s customer service is garbage. This week, we’re detailing how Ting Mobile’s customer care team was designed to be anything but terrible, plus you’ll have an opportunity to share your own customer service nightmares. Read on for more!

What makes Ting Mobile’s customer care team compelling? Well, for starters, they’re made up of actual people. Don’t take our word for it, though. Take Tammy’s, a former Sprint customer who switched to Ting Mobile last year:

“When you call, a real person answers the phone. No automated menus to go through, just a knowledgeable support team that makes things easy to understand. On top of that, they are extremely polite and helpful.” — Tammy

Second, Ting Mobile’s customer care team checks any sour moods or back-handed remarks at the door, and they can’t pick them back up until it’s time to go home. Ting Mobile representatives are knowledgeable about the service, plus they’re “super friendly and eager to help,” according to Lyndon, another Ting Mobile user.

Third, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to talk on the phone to another person, Ting Mobile’s customer care team can be reached quickly through the “Chat” instant messaging feature on their website. This way, you still get access to Ting Mobile’s devoted team while also appeasing your introverted desires. You’re welcome.

Customer care when you need it most

We can tell you about Ting Mobile’s customer care team all day long, but the best way to understand its worth is to experience it for yourself. If you have a question about Ting Mobile, or if you need help with one of their versatile service plans starting at just $10 a month (which is probably far less than you’re shelling out to your Big Carrier), the customer care team can be reached here by phone, email, or instant message. Go ahead, give it a go!

Share your bad customer service experience

What about you? Have you had a particularly grueling customer service experience with your current or former carrier? Share your story in the comments section below — or on social media — so that we can loll in your pain along with you.

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