3 Tips for Buying a Laptop in 2022

laptop buying guide 2022


Some sources say laptop sales have declined slightly in 2022. Yet, these mobile PCs still dominate the market, with 56% of shoppers buying a laptop instead of a desktop PC this year.

Are you among those people searching for new tech solutions to streamline your life? Do you want to replace your desktop with a more compact solution?

Read this brief discussion on how to buy a laptop that suits your requirements, first.

1. Consider Why You are Buying a Laptop

It’s vital to let your reasons for buying a laptop guide you in your search and not lose sight of them. It’s easy to get waylaid when confronted with a variety of shiny, new tech and overshoot your budget.

If your needs include advanced graphics, gaming, or complicated presentations, head to the section selling the fastest, most powerful computers, by all means.

You need a much less glamorous and cheaper laptop if you only want to do the following:

    • Run word processing programs
    • Stream and download movies
    • Send and receive email
    • Browse the internet

Remember, you’ll need to upgrade your laptop every few years anyway.

2. What Type of Style and Functionality Do You Want?

Once you’ve narrowed down the available selection accordingly, you’ll still find a huge range of laptops to choose from. Most laptops have 15-inch screens, but you might want to choose a smaller size if portability is your main objective.

Click to compare the screen size of a 14″ vs 15″ laptop side by side.

Look at the laptop’s keyboard. Can you type comfortably on it without back, eye, or wrist strain? If not, does the laptop have enough ports to accommodate an external keyboard along with the other peripherals you need?

Do you prefer an onscreen keyboard, but want something bigger than a tablet? You should consider a 2-in-1 or hybrid laptop.

3. Choose an Operating System and Specs

Finally, consider which operating system you want. Do you prefer a Mac or a Windows operating system? You can also decide on the fast and light chrome OS if connectivity isn’t a concern.

Choosing between an AMD or Ryzen processor is a matter of preference nowadays, as the two are equally competent, as long as you get the latest version you can afford.

Other technical considerations include:

    • Graphics card (GPU)
    • A minimum of 4 GB RAM for basic use, but 8 GB is better
    • At least 1 TB of storage
    • HD, Full HD, 3K, or 4K display

Most tech stores have assistants on hand that can guide you during the buying process.

Get the Best Value When Shopping For a Laptop

Now all that remains is figuring out where to buy a laptop. The best time for buying a laptop is during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales, or toward the end of the year, just before the new models come out.

When you buy a laptop online, you’ll find special offers available almost all year round.

Would you like some more solid tech advice and tips? Browse some more of our articles for the latest information.

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