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The Stadia controller is 10% off at the Google Store


Google’s Stadia controller is expensive. Normally $69, it’s pricier than both Microsoft and Sony’s first-party gamepads. Given you can’t use any other controllers to play Stadia on TVs yet, that could be a considerable barrier to entry for prospective players. If you’ve wanted in but have thus far been deterred by the controller’s price, today might be your day: it’s marked down 10 percent, to $62.10.

You can play Stadia on desktop or mobile with pretty much any controller, and you can even use a regular Bluetooth gamepad on Android TV with a little elbow grease. But the Wi-Fi-equipped Stadia controller, in conjunction with a Chromecast Ultra, is currently the only official way to play on the big screen. You can also use the controller to play wirelessly on your computer.

All three colors are marked down for “a limited time” (Google doesn’t say how limited). If you’ve been thinking about picking one up, now’s your best chance yet. Head over to the Google Store to grab one.

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