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The BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ will be available in the US


The Korean phenomenons BTS and Samsung have teamed up to release special editions of the Galaxy S20+, S20+ 5G, and the Galaxy Buds+, as previously leaked. Like the Galaxy Note10’s Star Wars edition and the Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games version before them, the products come with cosmetic software changes, another coat of paint, custom packaging, and extra goodies in the box. They’ll even be available in the US, which is unusual.

The most notable difference between the special editions and their regular peers is the color. Both the phone and the earbuds and their case are clad in purple and feature the BTS logo and heart in addition to Samsung’s lettering. That’s not all there is to it, of course. The S20+ comes with pre-installed BTS themes and the band’s community and fan platform, Weverse. There are also “decorative stickers” in the box that let you “further personalize” your device in addition to “photo cards featuring pictures of the band members for fans to keep,” as Samsung writes in the announcement. While the Buds+ haven’t received any special software treatment, their packaging comes with photos of the band, too.

Other than that, the products aren’t different from the regular ones, minus the LTE-only version of the S20+, which probably isn’t meant for the US market. Check out our reviews of the Galaxy S20+ and the Buds+ for more details.

In the US and Korea, you can pre-order the Galaxy Buds+ starting June 15 via Weverse. The Galaxy S20+ editions and the earbuds will be available for pre-order on Samsung’s online store and Amazon starting June 19. All devices will ship from July 9, which is the seventh birthday of the BTS ARMY fan collective. Exact availability varies from region to region.

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