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T-Mobile outage cuts off users across the US


It seems there are some big problems with T-Mobile’s network. There was a huge spike in outage reports on Down Detector starting at around 1 PM ET today, with many people across the US suggesting on that site and Twitter that they’re having problems with their service. By around 3:30 PM ET, Down Detector had collected more than 82,000 outage reports.

Some people are saying that they’re unable to make or receive calls, but Wi-Fi calling still seems to work (in case you’re wondering why you can still call someone else from a T-Mobile phone right now). It appears there are problems with data and text services too.

While there were also smaller outage report spikes for Sprint (which has merged with T-Mobile), AT&T, Verizon (Engadget’s parent company) and US Cellular, T-Mobile appears to be at the center of the issues. Spokespeople for AT&T and Verizon told Engadget their networks are working just fine.

According to Mike Murphy of Protocol, the various spikes may have been caused by people on other networks calling T-Mobile phones, failing to get through and believing the problem was on their end. The outage maps for each provider on Down Detector seem to back up that notion, as the outage hotspots are in similar parts of the country.

It’s not clear as yet exactly how widespread these issues are, what caused them and when they might be resolved. Engadget has contacted all of the affected companies for comment.

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