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Stadia is putting a price on your friends’ heads with new referral codes


It’s hard to believe, but Stadia is almost a year old now. Despite reaching this milestone, Google’s cloud gaming service hasn’t exactly taken off into the mainstream just yet. In an effort to help spread the Stadia gospel, Google is now offering free perks like a month of Stadia Pro in return for referring friends to the platform.

When a friend signs up using a referral code, they’ll get an extra month of Stadia Pro in addition to a one month trial if they choose to subscribe to the service. And if they sign up and perform “a specific action” like buying a Stadia Pro subscription, the person who invited them will receive a referral reward, with the current perk being an additional month of Stadia Pro at no charge. It looks like only non-supervised accounts in the US and Canada are eligible for referral rewards, though.

It’s clear that Google is serious about racking up referrals, as there’s a dedicated referral button at the top of the home screen on the mobile app and the desktop website. One of the oldest ways to market something is by word of mouth, and it looks like that’s what Google is banking on to increase Stadia’s reach. Another great way to get people hooked is by offering free, easy to play demos, which is exactly what Stadia is currently doing.

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