A Guide to Selecting the Best Phone Cases

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So, you bought this great new phone after spending days on gadget-review sites, making pro-con lists, and you just can’t keep calm! And you made sure it has a High-end OLED screen and comes with robust Gorilla glass to protect your beloved new smartphone against scratches.

While some people stop at that, for most, adding a second layer of protection using phone cases is a no-brainer! Samsung & iPhone cases are just as popular amongst millennial buyers as the phones themselves. You can be sure that people add at least one phone case to their cart just when they buy their smartphone.

If you are looking for the answer to the big question, “hard cover or silicone cover, what’s right for my smartphone?” Let’s be clear on one thing. There are several factors other than the material itself that come into play while making this decision. And like many things in life, it is a personal choice.

To help you make an informed decision, here’s a compilation of some of the most critical aspects of buying a phone cover you should consider before buying one. Happy reading!

Buyer’s Guide to Smartphone Covers

A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine: Safety First

Have you ever had a nightmare where your beloved iPhone drops from the 70th floor of the Empire State Building? Well, what if someone told you that it has happened for real, maybe not to you, but definitely to a few unfortunate people! Scary right?

When choosing phone cases, the first thing you should consider is how much protection you need (how often do you fall down, will you ever visit the Empire State Building and drop your phone, are your pets screen-scratchers, etc.):

    • For basic safety, meaning you are particularly cautious in life, you can settle with silicone or rubber cases that offer shock absorption. TPU, transparent, and bumper cases are some of the obvious choices you have.
    • If you are worried about scratches, go for carbon skins on even thin-fit cases that protect the back and sides of your phone pretty well. However, they don’t work well if you drop the phone.
    • If you love your phone too much to lose (and are particularly prone to tripping or spilling), rugged shells are the best fit for you. While they do not always look very nice, they are lab tested to provide maximum protection against impact and scratches.

Turn Your Phone into a Style Statement: Looks Matter

Phone protection is all serious business and hence, the first step in the process. But, once you cover that, it is all about the glitz and glamour. The fun part! Thanks to modern technology, even the most rugged cases come in different colors and patterns. But the actual kings of showbiz are the slim fit, carbon skins, and the transparent cases.

If your phone is a dull color, your phone case can revamp the look completely, making you go from business-tycoon to party-boy in under 2 minutes! If you love drama and larger than life things, personalized cases for your high-end Samsung or latest iPhone are like the PB&J sandwich, only much more fascinating!

Glass cases are a rage today and offer the best of both worlds – protection plus style. So, depending on your esthetic sense, you can choose from millions of designs and patterns.

Feature-Packed Cover: Make the Most of Your Smartphone

Gone are the days when ‘just enough’ was ok. Today, it is all about the ‘extra’. To match the ever-changing world of smartphones, phone covers are also bringing in a gamut of features to add value to your life.

Not just a water-resistant phone, you also have the option to choose water-resistant cases. Another great feature for those who use their phones heavily throughout the day is a battery pack. Such cases come with an extra in-built battery pack to charge the device.

The Takeaway

Be it trendy phone sleeves or industrial-grade hardcovers, whatever be your choice, each of them offers benefits that you cannot do without! But, if you are confused about what’s a better fit for your lifestyle, it is all about carefully assessing covers based on the points above.

Finally, your phone is an extension of your inner self. There’s really no reason why it cannot be a way for artistic expression. Choose from a range of personalized, quirky, or minimalistic Samsung and iPhone cases and let your phone speak for you!

Happy Shopping!

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