Samsung Provides Visual Aid Solution to People with Low Vision


Technology continues to make our lives easier. Today, we use many different products and applications for many tasks. However, technology goes beyond this and is used to overcome obstacles. Samsung’s latest project Relumino proves this. The South Korean tech giant is distributing wearable glasses to the visually impaired. Here are the details…

Samsung Distributes Wearable Glasses to Visually Impaired

Samsung has taken a significant step towards making the world a more inclusive place by launching the distribution of its wearable glasses to the visually impaired. The initiative is part of the company’s Relumino project, which aims to provide a visual aid solution to people with low vision.

The Relumino device consists of a Relumino application, a smartphone image processing software, and a glass-type wearable device. It enhances object recognition for people with low vision by applying tactile senses, allowing users to easily operate their smartphones without having to look at the screen and view videos through a glass display.

Samsung has distributed 30 wearable glasses for free to the visually impaired at the Community Agency of Blind in Gyeonggi Province to verify the usability of Relumino Glass. The company has also conducted clinical trials jointly with Samsung Medical Center to ensure the user stability of Relumino.

The company claims that Relumino boasts outstanding performance and usability compared to existing products, based on a separate experience test by other visually impaired users. The Relumino project was launched in 2016 as a seven-year research project as part of Samsung Electronics’ in-house venture fostering program C-Lab.

Cho Jeong-hoon, a researcher at Samsung Electronics who initiated the Relumino project, said, “We started the research after survey results showed that 92 percent of the visually impaired people enjoy watching TV as leisure activity when their viewing access, in fact, is limited.”

Samsung Electronics developed the Relumino app using a virtual reality (VR) device in 2017 and a glass-concept device in 2018 after reflecting the needs of actual users. The company is currently working on further advancements to the Relumino technology, such as radio wave certification, clinical trials, and software verification.

The distribution of wearable glasses to the visually impaired by Samsung Electronics is a significant milestone towards making the world a more inclusive place. It will provide a visual aid solution to people with low vision and enhance their quality of life. The Relumino project is an excellent example of how technology can be used to create a positive impact on society, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.



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