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Ruggedized Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 shows off its armor in spec-filled leak


You gotta love a phone that can take a beating. Samsung has made a few, from the Galaxy Active series to the more recent Xcover Field Pro. That last one made a splash with its high price and ancient software, but an updated Xcover 5 was leaked in a software update schedule earlier today. Just a few hours later, both photos and specs are available.

German site WinFuture.de is showing off photos of the phone’s front and rear, along with a collection of unconfirmed specifications. It’s a rather unassuming model: the 5 in the name refers to its 5.3-inch 720p screen, which is practically tiny by modern standards. Its Exynos 850 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage, plus a MicroSD card slot, aren’t going to turn any heads either. The single 16MP rear camera won’t be at the top of any DXOmark lists.

On the other hand, its combination of low price and tough hardware might make it a hit for anyone who’s tired of paying for screen repairs. The Xcover 5 is reportedly IP68 rated and 810G compliant, which makes it impervious to dust and resistant to immersion in water for up to a meter. There’s no word on impact resistance, but the phone’s 9.2mm-thick body looks like it has more than the usual amount of padding. Gorilla Glass 6 isn’t as tough as the new Victus, but it’s much better than what you’d expect to find on a budget phone; the Pixel 4a uses GG3, for example.


Winfuture reports the estimated price at 290-300€, which would be around $350 in the US. Perhaps more importantly (and contrasting nicely with the Xcover Field Pro) it’s running Android 11 out of the gate, and would qualify for Samsung’s promise to update its phones for four years. Indicators point to an immanent launch, though which territories Samsung wants to sell the phone in is anyone’s guess.

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