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Quickly access Google Assistant’s interpreter mode with a homescreen shortcut (APK Download)


Last year, Google rolled out its interpreter mode to smartphones, helping users hold a conversation with someone who speaks another language. This has become a useful tool for those who travel frequently, but using “hey, Google” to activate it each time was a pain. Thankfully Google has remedied this by creating a shortcut app that adds this functionality to your app drawer and homescreen.

One installed, you’ll have an interpreter app in your app drawer that can be added to your homescreen. This is just a shortcut app — all it does is open Google Assistant in interpreter mode without using the voice command. While this is useful, it’s also possible to achieve something similar without downloading this.

Once you’ve entered interpreter mode, you can simply tap the phone icon in the top right to add a shortcut right to your homescreen. This version has some limitations, though: Because this shortcut is a widget, it won’t appear in your app drawer, just your home screen. If you want quick access without adding an icon to your homescreen itself, downloading the app will be better. Whichever option you go with, it’s easier than using the voice command each time.

You can grab Google Assistant – Interpreter Mode from the Play Store using the widget below or sideload the APK from APK Mirror.

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