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PowerA’s Nano Enhanced is a compact Switch controller with pro features


Peripherals maker PowerA does a good job of making third-party gamepads — the MOGA Pro has been a bit hit with Android gamers, for example. Now, the company is launching a new controller for the Nintendo Switch. The Nano Enhanced Wireless controller — which looks just like Nintendo's own Pro controller — is a more compact version of your usual gamepad fare, designed to be as portable as the Switch itself.

It’s a smaller version of ProA’s existing Enhanced Wireless gamepad, but it still boasts full-sized features. There’s a USB-C rechargeable battery, Bluetooth wireless connectivity for playing in docked or undocked mode, flexible button mapping, and decent motion controls. Obviously the Switch has been designed as an all-in-one gaming device, but for players looking for a bit of variety — or those that want to take on others with greater control and customization — the Nano is a solid, reasonably-priced solution. It goes on sale in August for $50, although you can pre-order now at PowerA.com and Amazon.

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