Poll of The Week: Will you buy the OnePlus Nord if it is a rebadged OPPO phone?


The OnePlus Nord is an upcoming mid-range phone that is expected to be the first of a new line of affordable smartphones from the manufacturer. With a release scheduled for July, OnePlus has begun teasing the device and dropping bits of information.

Last week, it was officially revealed that the smartphone will have dual front-facing cameras, which is a first for a OnePlus phone. This info means the OnePlus Nord will not look like the renders that leaked back in December.

oppo reno4
What if the OnePlus Nord looks like the Reno4 5G?

Lately, there are rumors flying around that the OnePlus Nord might actually be a rebadged OPPO phone (probably OPPO Reno4 5G) and that will not be a big surprise. OnePlus is not new to launching phones with a similar design to an existing OPPO phone. The OnePlus 5 and the OPPO R11 is a great example.

Of course, the phone won’t be a blatant copy as OnePlus will add some features and ship the phone with OxygenOS rather than ColorOS. However, it will be easy to tell that the design is not original.

For today’s poll, we want to know if you will still purchase the OnePlus Nord if it turns out to be a rebadged OPPO phone? So do take the poll below and also let us know what you think about rebadged phones.


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