Ookla Video Speedtest for Android Now Tells You How Bad Your Service Is

Speedtest app test

Tracking or testing your internet speed is helpful, but these days, a test to check your network video streaming capability is even better. As a result, Speedtest recently added video stream tests to its app, and now it’s finally available for Android users.

Ookla, which makes Speedtest, announced that it had added a video streaming test to Android after doing something similar for iOS earlier this year. The new test tells you the best resolution for streaming video content, whether that’s Wi-Fi or your phone network, without dealing with buffering or hiccups.

Instead of simply checking how fast your internet connection is, Ookla explains that it now “plays an actual video to specifically measure the performance of video streaming on your network at any time,” which is necessary “because video traffic cannot be simulated across a network.” The video runs at several different resolutions, up to 4K, then the app decides which resolution is best for your network speeds.

Basically, it’ll tell you how good, or bad, your service really is. Get the latest update, open the Speedtest app, click on “Video” near the bottom, and run a test yourself.

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