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New 100-inch LG CineBeam projector lowers entry level, but don’t expect 4K


Although cinemas may partially re-open this summer, not everyone’s going to feel comfortable going back to the multiplex.

So, for many, forging a big screen environment of their own might be firmly on the agenda, especially with many major movies coming straight to streaming platforms.

Enter LG’s latest LED Cinebeam home cinema projector, which brings the range into the realm of affordability for those who aren’t seeking top specs.

The £339/$399 LG Cinebeam PH30N offers a 100-inch display with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 HD with a peak brightness of 250 lumens.

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It’s somewhat of a departure from the rest of the line, which are at the higher end of the market and offer a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160. Models like the LG HU70, HU80 and HU85 cost in the thousands, rather than the low hundreds and it’s easy to see where the extra money goes.

However, the PH30 is seriously attractive in other ways. If you plan to watch movies outdoor for example, this baby is portable and offers a two-hour battery life, which will get you through some movies without having to connect to the mains.

It only weighs just over 1lb too, so it’s easily transportable if you’re taking it on a camping trip or over to a friends, for example. It also offers wireless smartphone mirroring for feeding the movies to the projector, while it’s also Bluetooth compatible for enhancing the audio. It’s also compatible with USB media, enabling users to play content directly from them, if you prefer housing the media on the projector itself.

LG says its latest model will transform any environment into a “cinematic experience.” It may not be one for the cinephiles out there, but for those looking to add a larger display to their set-up and would like to watch movies on the go, this might just hit a sweet spot.

It’s available to buy in the UK today from Amazon.

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