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Network outage affecting T-Mobile reported


Recent reports indicate a massive T-Mobile outage is ongoing. Though reports are coming in for all of the big three US carriers (a phrase I will never get used to saying), as well as many smaller MVNOs, AT&T and Verizon claim their networks are operating as usual.

Top outage reports on Downdetector. (Also Fortnite, apparently.) Image: Downdetector.

Reports are widespread, but beginning to trail off at the time of writing, with several major markets reporting issues, though it doesn’t seem to be a universal problem. (My own T-Mobile service in the Boston area is just fine.)

T-Mobile’s map of reports on Downdetector.

Although reports are coming in across carriers, only T-Mobile is acknowledging the outage. An AT&T spokesperson tells us its network is operating normally, and Verizon is actively claiming it’s unaware of any issues. Speaking to representatives from both AT&T and Verizon, the companies believe the reports of issues with their networks on Downdetector are incorrect, and that the problem stems from another carrier, with only calls to and from that carrier potentially affected.

An explanation will probably be forthcoming over the next few hours or days. In the meantime, those of you that need to stay connected should probably stick to the range of Wi-Fi. Though issues aren’t universal, they are widely reported.

AT&T and Verizon both claim their networks are unaffected, though T-Mobile acknowledges the issue. We’ve updated our coverage with more information from all three carriers.

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