How to Turn off Autocorrect for Android


android autocorrect

Autocorrect is one of those smartphone features people love to hate. As handy as it can be, it can also be a huge annoyance. We’ll show you how to turn it off for good on your Android device.

Even if you’re somehow unfamiliar with the term “autocorrect,” you’ve probably experienced it. When you’re typing on your phone or tablet and the keyboard automatically makes a correction without your input, that’s autocorrect.

It can be handy, for example, when you mistakenly type “taxo” and it corrects the word to “taco” when you haven’t even realized that you made a typo. However, a lot of the time, autocorrect can “correct” things in a way that you don’t want, but the good news is that you can turn it off.

We’ll be covering how to turn off autocorrect in Google’s Gboard keyboard and the default Samsung Keyboard that comes on Galaxy smartphones. Let’s get started.

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Turn off Autocorrect in Gboard

First, swipe down twice from the top of your Android smartphone or tablet’s screen to reveal the Quick Settings toggles and tap the gear icon.

open the shade and tap the gear icon

Next, go to the “System” section in the Settings menu.

select system

Now, select “Languages & Input.”

languages and input

Choose the “On-screen Keyboard” option under the Keyboard heading.

on-screen keyboard

Tap “Gboard” to open the Gboard app settings.

select Gboard

Now, we can go to the “Text Correction” section.

go to text correction

Scroll down and toggle off “Auto-Correction.”

turn off auto correction

That’s it! No more autocorrections will mess up your typing. Only your own typos will do that now.

Turn off Autocorrect on a Samsung Galaxy Phone

First, swipe down once from the top of your Samsung Galaxy device’s screen and tap the gear icon.

open the shade and tap the gear icon

Next, go to “General Management.”

general management

Select “Samsung Keyboard Settings.”

samsung keyboard settings

All you need to do is toggle off “Predictive Text.”

turn off predictive text

That’s it! The keyboard will stop trying to predict what you meant to say and make suggestions. It’s up to you to fix your typos now.

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