How to Track Your Kids’ Location Using Their Smartphone

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Children are brave and rarely stay in one spot for long periods. Kids will always want to move around and play with other kids, whether at home, school, an amusement park, or a social gathering.

As a parent, you want to keep an eye on your children or know where they are at all times. Unfortunately, they sometimes roam too far and leave you to worry when they are not found.

The phone track technology has made it easier for parents to keep track of their children. With FamiSafe APP you will know how to track someones phone and relieve your stress.

FamiSafe’s Features

Adult-sites blocking: 

FamiSafe can block adult sites or pornography as needed. Any site that is inappropriate for your children might be blocked. Furthermore, the FamiSafe phone track software allows you to disable apps that may misinterpret communications for teenagers.

Limit screen time: 

Today’s education is digital, so kids have many excuses to spend most of their time on their phones and laptops. You can set a phone usage limit for your children with FamiSafe.

Web content filtering: 

FamiSafe has a filtering system. You can ban entertainment and gaming sites, for example, if they are distracting your children when they are studying.

You may restrict and unblock apps and websites at any moment with FamiSafe. You can track phone for free and know how much time kids spend on social networking platforms. And limit their use with this app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

What is the purpose of parental control?

The internet has made our lives easier, but it also poses several risks to children’s futures. The use of parental control to restrict and monitor children’s online activities has grown increasingly critical. Maintaining a healthy atmosphere for youngsters when using the internet is critical in this technological generation. Parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s online activity can learn how to track someones phone and use the FamiSafe parental control app.

How does the FamiSafe app operate on Android and iOS?

When your child’s device is an Android phone or tablet, FamiSafe is the best free parental control solution for Android, displaying your device activity report, browser history record, and app usage report. When you activate the app blocking feature in one of the top parental control applications the blocked app’s icon remains visible. But when your child tries to open it, a FamiSafe cover appears and blocks the app. Hence, you can download this amazing app.

When your child’s device is an iPhone or iPad

Due to strict restrictions, activity reports, browser history, and app usage are currently unavailable on iOS devices. Learn how to find someone’s location on iPhone, and this will help you track over an apple device. When you utilise the best parental control app like FamiSafe for iPad and iOS devices’ certain features will be hidden on the device. If you wish to download this app then click here.

How Does FamiSafe Work?

FamiSafe, like any other application, has positive elements. The app allows you to track and control the films your child views on YouTube and other video sites. Second, it allows you to track your child’s device’s location at any time during the day. Filtering out visuals and providing continuous alerts are other important aspects of gaining control. Furthermore, the app allows you to tweak it based on your child’s age and tastes, making it highly personalized.


A geofence is an imagined border created by apps that are aware of their location. When someone using the app enters or departs the imaginary barrier, the user will receive a notification. This feature has proven to be a lifesaver for parents who want to keep track of their children’s phones. On a smartphone or tablet, the app functions similarly to a GPS tracker. As a parent, an app like Famisafe can help you keep track of your children.

How to Use FamiSafe?

The FamilSafe software is one of the best parental control apps for iPhone and Android devices. It is really easy to use, and the child cannot delete the app without the password.

  • FamiSafe, a parental monitoring app, should be installed on your phone and your child’s phone.
  • Log into your FamiSafe account on your child’s device, select Kid as the identity, and enter your child’s name and age.
  • For the parent’s device, log into your FamiSafe account and select the Parent role. This connects you to your child’s device, allowing you to track it and adjust parental controls from your phone.

Closing Thoughts

Parental care has a complementary lead in a digital world as well. Technology is quite cool in that it can provide solutions that children of today might never have considered. Apps like FamiSafe are created to get kids on the right track. It never takes advantage of anyone’s liberty. Its functions are also available to children. If their children end up in unexpected places by accident, their parents can quickly locate them.

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