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How to remove titles from your ‘continue watching’ list on Netflix


Netflix will finally let you delete unwanted titles from your ‘continue watching’ list. Here’s how to do it.

Netflix’s ‘continue watching’ feature is a great timesaver if you’re four seasons deep into a TV series and want to quickly kick off from where you last left it. The feature eliminates the need to search for the title, leaving it right there on the front page with a timestamp so you know exactly where you’re up to.

However, it doesn’t take much for your ‘continue watching’ list to descend into a cluttered mess of half-watched films and sitcom pilots you got five minutes into before deciding they weren’t for you.

Read on to find out how to clear your ‘continue watching’ list on Netflix.

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How to remove titles from your ‘continue watching’ list on Netflix on Android

  • Open Netflix
  • Choose your profile
  • Locate your ‘Continue Watching’ list and decide which titles you want to clear
  • Tap the three dots below the title
  • Tap ‘Remove from row’
  • Select ‘OK’
  • Repeat this process for each title you want to remove

Don’t worry about losing your spot if you change your mind. Netflix will remember where you’re up to, you just won’t see that content on your home page. Search the title to continue watching from where you were up to.

‘Remove from row’ is only available on Android devices right now, though any deleted titles will be removed across your account. This means that if you clear your ‘continue watching’ on your smartphone, it should disappear on your desktop too.

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iPhone users won’t need to wait long either way. According to a report by The Verge, the feature will be coming to iOS devices on June 29.

If you’re feeling impatient or don’t watch Netflix on your phone, you can also clear your ‘continue watching’ row by hiding titles from your viewing activity.

How to hide your viewing activity on Netflix:

  • Visit your Account page from a web browser
  • Open ‘Profile & Parental Controls’
  • Select ‘Viewing Activity’
  • Locate the title you want to remove on the ‘Activity’ page
  • Click the circle icon with the diagonal line through it
  • Choose to either hide an episode or hide the entire series
  • If you want to clear your entire list, select the ‘Hide all’ button at the bottom of the page

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