How to Find Friends on Kik

Kik is an online messaging platform that works with an internet connection. When you register, you don’t need to enter your phone number, just your email address, which makes it quite a private application. In the app, you can communicate with others through messages, photos, videos, stickers, drawings, and more. When you look at it from this perspective, Kik is the ideal platform to find and make friends and to meet new people. However, how do you find friends on Kik?

Chat in Groups

When you’re new to Kik, you may not have a long list of contacts yet. A great way to meet a lot of new people instantly is by joining a group chat. At the bottom of your friend list, you can find the hashtag-icon with the name “Explore Public Groups.” When you click this button, you will be redirected to a search-bar in which you can type anything that interests you, from the newest season of Orange Is the New Black, to fellow Football fanatics. Once you hit the search button, a list of available groups will appear, and you can join any one of them. In there, you can chat with multiple people, but you can also add someone to your friend list and chat privately.

Talk to a Stranger

All the way on the bottom of your friend list, even lower than the group chat option, is a button that says, “Meet New People.” This button will randomly enter you in a chat with someone else that pushed the button. From that point on, you have fifteen minutes to get to know each other. If you seem to be like-minded and have fun talking together, you can then add each other’s Kik usernames to your friend list to continue talking after the fifteen minutes pass. If you don’t match, you simply move on to the next person when the time’s up.

Mutual Friends

When you have a few close friends you often talk to, you can ask them if they know someone that’s looking to meet new people. Tell them that you’re interested in making more friends, and what’s better than finding some new mutual friends to hang out with? If they do know someone, ask them if they have a Kik account you can message.

The same goes for people you are already established with on Kik itself. Ask them if they have some other conversation partners that might enjoy a new face to talk to and ask them if they are willing to share their Kik username. This option may be even better because you already know for sure the other person is an active Kik user.

Other Platforms

Lastly, when you’re active on other platforms as well as Kik, you may be able to find some new friends to talk to through those platforms. For instance, when you have an Instagram page, you can search for the hashtag “Kik username” and find plenty of usernames to add to your contact list.

An even better option is to look for an account from someone whose content you enjoy and to send them a message asking if they would like to have a friendly conversation through Kik, implying that you are looking to make new friends and that you enjoy their content. By doing this, you know beforehand that the person you’re chatting with has similar interests as you do.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve read some tips on how to find friends on Kik, it’s time to go out there and use this knowledge in real life. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t work out the first time because everything requires practice. The most important thing is that you have fun!

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