How to Download Free eBooks with Amazon Prime

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There are a lot of benefits that come with an Amazon Prime membership. Most people are familiar with the two-day shipping and Prime Video streaming, but there’s more. Did you know you also have access to a catalog of free eBooks?

What Is Prime Reading?

Amazon’s free eBook program is called Prime Reading. You can think of it as a private library for Prime members. The catalog includes more than 1,000 rotating books and magazines, and even some free audiobooks.

Just like a real library, you’re technically borrowing the books. You’re also limited to 10 titles at a time. When you’re finished with a book, if you try to add a new one when your library is full, you’ll be prompted to return one first.

Another benefit of Prime Reading is a program called Amazon First Reads. This gives Prime members a sneak peek at books from certain authors before they’re released to the public. You get one of these each month.

Where to Find Free Amazon Prime eBooks

You can explore the Prime Reading catalog on the Amazon website in a web browser. Make sure you’re signed in to your Amazon Prime account.

The Amazon Prime Reading home page.

The other place you can explore Prime Reading is the Amazon Kindle app. It’s available for iPhonesiPadsAndroid devices, Windows PCs, and Mac. It also comes preinstalled on Fire tablets.

In the Kindle app, you’ll see the “Prime Reading” section on the home page. Tap “See All” to explore the full catalog.


How to Download Amazon Prime eBooks

As we covered above, there are a number of ways you can browse the “Prime Reading” catalog. Wherever you happen to be looking, simply select a title to see its product page.

Select a book on

On the product page, you’ll see the Kindle eBook listed as free for Prime members. Click or tap “Read for Free” or “Read and Listen for Free.” The latter means there’s also an audiobook.

Click or tap

The eBook will then be added to your Amazon account, and you can download it to read on your Kindle or in the Amazon Kindle app.

An eBook in the

If a free eBook includes an audiobook, it will be added to your Audible account automatically. You can download the Audible app for iPhone, iPad, or Android, but it’s preinstalled on Fire tablets. You can also control your audiobooks with voice commands on Echo devices.


Prime Reading might not have the biggest library or the most features, but it’s a nice little perk. If you want even more eBook options, you can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 per month.

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