How to Archive or Delete a Facebook Group

Leaving Facebook group to delete it on Facebook app
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Don’t like how your Facebook Group is doing? You can leave it, but the group will still be there. If you want to hide the Facebook Group from new members, or if you want to delete it, follow our guide.

How to Archive a Facebook Group

When you archive a Facebook Group, you won’t be able to create posts or like or add comments. You won’t be able to add more members, but existing members will be able to view the group. You can restore the group to its former glory at any time.

You can archive a Facebook group from the group’s page from either the Facebook website or the Facebook app on iPhone or Android.

We’ll be using the new Facebook Desktop interface to guide you through the process. (Here’s how to get the new Facebook interface.)

First, open the Facebook website in your browser of choice, and navigate to the Facebook Group you want to archive or delete. Click the “Menu” button from the top toolbar, and select the “Archive” option.

Click Archive Group

From the pop-up, click the “Confirm” button.

Click Confirm to Archive Facebook Group

Your group will be archived.

You can go back to the group at any time and click the “Unarchive Group” button to resume group activities.

Click Unarchive Group to restore the Facebook Group

The process is slightly different on the iPhone or Android app. Open the group and select the “Tools” icon from the top-right corner.

Tap on Admin Tools icon from Facebook Group

Now, select the “Group Settings” option.

Tap Group Settings

Here, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and tap the “Archive” button.

Tap Archive

From the next screen, select a reason for archiving, and tap the “Continue” button.

Tap Continue on Archive page

Here, tap the “Archive” button. Your group will be archived.

Tap on Archive to confirm

You can come back to the group at any time and tap the “Unarchive” button to resume activity.

Tap Unarchive to restore Facebook group

How to Delete a Facebook Group

The process of deleting a Facebook Group is not as transparent, though. You first have to remove all members and then leave the Facebook Group yourself to actually delete it.

Only the group’s creator (who is the same as the admin) can delete the group. If the creator is no longer part of the group, then any admin can delete the group.

On the Facebook website, open the Facebook Group that you want to delete. Click the “Members” button on the top toolbar.

Go to the Members tab in Facebook Group

You’ll now see a list of all the members. Click the “Menu” button next to a member, and choose the “Remove Member” option.

Click Remove Member from Member menu

From the pop-up, click the “Confirm” button.

Tap Confirm to remove member from Facebook Group

Now repeat the process for all the members in your group. When you’re the only one who’s left (you have to be the creator and admin of the group), click the “Menu” button from the top toolbar, and select the “Leave Group” option.

Click Leave Group from Facebook Group Menu

Facebook will ask you if you’re sure you want to leave and delete the group. Click the “Leave Group” button to confirm. Your group will now be deleted.

Click Leave Group to Delete Facebook Group

To delete a Facebook group on the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, navigate to the Facebook Group, and tap the “Tools” icon from the top-right corner.

Tap on Admin Tools icon from Facebook Group

Here, tap the “Members” button.

Tap Members button

Now, select a member’s name, and from the options, select the “Remove (Member) From Group” option.

Tap Remove User from Group

From the pop-up, tap the “Confirm” button.

Tap Confirm to remove user

Repeat this process for all members until you’re’ the only person who’s left in the group.

Again, tap the “Tools” button from the top-right corner, and from the “Admin Tools” menu, tap the “Leave Group” option.

Tap Leave Group

Tap the “Leave and Delete” button to delete the group once and for all.

Tap Leave and Delete

You can also deactivate or delete your personal Facebook account.

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