Honor Play4 Pro sells for exorbitant prices for its IR temperature sensor feature in the US


While many have already seen essential goods and commodities have their prices inflate due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, you wouldn’t expect a smartphone to be inflated as well. The Honor Play4 Pro is the victim of the bizarre new market inflation with its prices reaching premium high end handset levels.


The 5G smartphone from the Huawei subsidiary is currently available on eBay for a whopping price of 999 US Dollars, which is near twice its original price that is around 423 US Dollars (2,999 Yuan in China). Furthermore, at this price, one can buy an Apple iPhone 11 Pro. Honor Play4 Pro was launched earlier this month in China with respectable specifications at its price range.

However, its most notable aspect wasn’t its chip or camera, rather its unique functions. This function was a non-contact IR temperature sensor that could measure the surface temperature of people and objects on the go. In other words, a temperature scanner machine built right into your smartphone. This feature is particularly useful now of all times due to the severity of the viral outbreak.


Although, this method of temperature checks isn’t exactly without its own shortcomings. Unlike a regular temperature/thermal checking machine, the Honor Play4 Pro requires the user to hold the phone really close to the body which they are trying to map. This technically defeats the purpose of avoiding close proximity. So, it is highly advised to avoid such listings.



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