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Google Store adds page featuring Nest and Pixel setup, tutorial, and tips & tricks videos


Since it was first introduced back in 2015, the Google Store website has been the de facto place to find Made By Google products like Pixel phones, laptops, and tablets. Featuring elegantly designed product pages and detailed lists of specifications, it’s the place every Google nerd enjoys browsing during their free time. Now the site has introduced a video page collecting everything from device promotional ads to setup guides.

The new video page is linked under the Pixel, Nest, and Pixelbook categories on the top menu. Branded as a collection of videos to help users “get the most” out of their devices, the page features three categories of videos: product introductions, setup & install, and tips & tricks each get their own section, with around 20 videos listed in each one.

My favorite is definitely the product introductions category, where they list all the fun ads that helped to hype up the launch of key products like the Pixel 3a and the Pixelbook Go. The setup & install category is pretty self-explanatory, showing off detailed guides for getting new products working once they arrive at your door. Finally, the tips & tricks section appears to be somewhat of a catch all, with videos on everything from the latest Pixel feature drops to an explanation on how to sketch with the Pixelbook Pen.

Clicking on a video takes you to a separate page highlighting related products and videos.

The Google Store is five years old now, and it’s nice to see it still maturing as Google tries to figure out how to become a viable hardware company. It might seem a bit repetitive when all the videos are just embeds from the company’s YouTube channels, but putting them together in a clean layout directly on the Google Store website helps ensure potential customers stay engaged without getting distracted by YouTube’s recommendations.

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