Google Slides is renaming its ‘Present’ button to stop people from getting confused


And it seems like Google Meet is to blame


We’ve all been in endless video conferences for well over a year now, and with hybrid work environments becoming the hot new thing, no one should expect them to end any time soon. Even with this shared virtual experience, not everyone has mastered the intricacies of working online. That’s why Google is making a small but significant change to one of its most popular business apps.

Starting today, Google Slides is renaming its “Present” button to “Slideshow,” primarily to help users who may find the terminology confusing. Although the company doesn’t provide a specific reason for the change, it seems related directly to Meet. Google’s video conferencing software also uses a “Present” button made for screen sharing, but the word being used interchangeably between two business-focused services was likely the cause of more than a few mid-meeting headaches.

The button will still function in Slides just as it did previously, so you don’t have to worry about getting confused over terminology in the middle of a company-wide call. Google Meet’s key will remain labeled as “Present,” so users won’t have to worry about mixing the two up ever again.

This change is coming to Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business users beginning today, though it may take up to three days to appear for everyone. There’s no word on whether the action is also getting renamed for personal Google accounts.

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