Google Shopping Introduces a Gift Guide Based on 2020’s Most Popular Presents

An illustration for Google Shopping's 2020 gift guide.
Google Shopping

Need some help with your Christmas shopping? Google wants to help with its 2020 gift guide. The guide, which is compiled from Google Search data, shows the top 100 presents across 7 different categories, including technology, athletics, and wellness. It should help you find the best (or most popular) gifts for each person on your Christmas list.

Google’s gift guide is easy to navigate, with stunning animations and plainly marked labels for each product category. The website shows about 10 or 15 trending products for each category, along with some insights like “searches for ring lights are at their all-time high” and “searches for recipes have doubled this year.”

An animation for Google Shopping's gift guide.

And because the Google gift guide is integrated with Google Shopping, you can order your presents without signing into another website or searching for your credit card (assuming that Google already has your card info, of course). Don’t want to buy something at full price? You can use Google Shopping’s new price tracking tool to get notifications when potential presents go on sale.

Will Google’s gift guide work for everyone? Of course not. It’s clear that Google made this guide using Search data, as it’s full of trendy name-brand products and lacks the substance of written shopping guides (like the kind that we publish). Still, the Google gift guide is a great starting point for someone who needs a little help with Christmas shopping this year, and it could inspire you to look at presents that you would usually ignore.

Source: Google via Android Police

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