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Google Nest Hub and Nest Mini now available in South Korea


One of the more annoying things about Google products outside the US is their limited availability. While we have it good here in Google’s home country, other places don’t always get every product. Fortunately for folks in South Korea, The Nest Hub and Nest Mini are both now available in that market.

Google hasn’t formally announced the change, but both products now list South Korea as available markets, and they are both individually listed as available for purchase on the Google Store’s South Korea smart speaker storefront:

The Nest Mini can be had for â‚©64,900 (or around $54 USD) in the usual branded white, black, blue, and pink colors; and the Nest Hub is â‚©115,000 (or $96 USD) and available in white or black. If you’re in South Korea and you’re debating picking one up, feel free to check out our reviews for both the Nest Hub and Nest Mini — though if you wait, Google will probably start throwing them at you for free.

Google previously made its original Home and Home mini available in South Korea back in 2018, so it’s been a long wait between smart speakers. If you’re invested in Google’s Assistant ecosystem, though, it’s reason to celebrate.

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