Google might soon launch a Nest-branded smart speaker codenamed ‘Prince’


If there’s one upcoming Google hardware that is on everyone’s radar right now, it has to be the Pixel 4a, and the ‘Sabrina‘ Android TV dongle to a small extent. But as per a new report (via 9to5Google), Google is also planning to launch a new Nest-branded smart speaker that is internally going by the codename ‘Prince.’

The device will reportedly flaunt a familiar fabric-based design that we’ve already seen on the Google Home, Google Home Max, and a few Nest-branded smart devices. Unsurprisingly, Google’s upcoming smart speaker will have the Google Assistant baked into its software at the core, but there is no word a standout feature, if any.

Notably, the upcoming Google Smart Speaker will be devoid of a display, which suggests it will instead focus more on audio output by using more capable drivers. As of now, it is unclear when the ‘Prince’ smart speaker will launch and how much it will cost, but we’ll keep you updated regarding any new developments.

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