Google Meet will finally let users blur or set a custom background during video calls


Google Meet has lately been given a huge push, adding more features to it and making it more easily accessible on both smartphones and PCs. But one feature it has been missing so far is the ability to blur the background or use a custom image as the background during video calls. Things are about to change soon, but for educational and enterprise users only.

The company has announced that it will allow students and teachers participating in a group video call to blur their background. Alternatively, they can choose a preset or even set a custom image stored on their PC or phone as their background. Moreover, Google is also giving admins an option to disable this functionality for scenarios where it is deemed necessary.

A few other new features coming soon to Google Meet are listed below:

  • Google Meet will also block anonymous attendees from participating in an education meeting by default, however, moderators or schools can choose to disable it.
  • Moreover, if an applicant has been rejected once from joining a meeting, they won’t be able to send a request (or “knock”) to do so again.
  • Also, a moderator can also permanently end the meeting for all participants, ensuring that no one is left lingering when the talk is over.

Source: Google Blog

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