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Google is still selling its $30 Pixel USB-C earphones


After a little over two years on the market, Google’s aptly named Pixel USB-C earbuds are no longer for sale. These buds are no longer available for sale at the Google Store and most retailers, which is a shame since they were decent for what they were.

We included the Pixel USB-C buds in our list of the best cheap USB-C earbuds, finding them to have decent sound with solid bass and a relatively comfortable fit thanks to the adjustable loops. They also come with a button for Google Assistant. These buds were included with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but haven’t been included in any Pixel box since. Personally, I was never a huge fan since they don’t have a good seal, but they’re not supposed to.

Verizon seems to be the only retailer to still offer the Pixel USB-C earphones, with the Google Store link redirecting to the site’s front page now and nothing else popping up in search results. If you’re still using yours and like them, you may want to pick up a spare or two from Verizon while you still can.

A reader has pointed out that the Google Store listing has returned, and you can once again buy the Pixel USB-C earphones for $29.99. We’re not sure why the link went down in the first place, but it’s back now. Meanwhile, commenters have pointed out that Verizon is now out of stock, which is pretty funny.

Thanks to Jeffrey McClain for sending the tip in!

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