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Google hardware deals bring Pixel 6a to record low, Nest Audio & Pixel Buds half price


Whether you're picking up one of the best budget Android phones out there or are looking to improve how you hear what you like to hear, Google's got it and it's got it cheap: the Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro, and Nest Audio are all on sale this weekend with one of our most wanted smartphones of 2022 touching a record low price.

If you're into the Google experience — with features like Hold for Me and including extended software support — the Pixel 6a is the latest and most affordable way to dive in. It was worth every bit of its $450 full retail price, but we have reported on sales taking it down to $330. This latest discount brings it to $299, meaning the company's knocked a full third off. Best of all, you have a selection of retailers to choose from if you're preferential to one or the other for any reason.

Google Pixel 6a
Pixel 6a Review (20)

The Pixel 6a isn't just the best smartphone you can get for $450, it's probably the best value you can get in an Android phone, with a great camera, good performance, and fantastic software features. Just keep in mind, Google has a history of buggy updates and you may not get as good a signal compared to some other phones.

Snag the Pixel 6a for $150 off right now

$299 at Best Buy$299 at Amazon$299 at Target

The Pixel Buds Pro are some of the best picks out there for wireless earbuds right now. And it's a well-earned placement in our ranking, too, because it took a while for Google to nail the essential experience with ANC, ambient hear-through, and multipoint. For a pair of $200 earbuds, grabbing them for their own personal best price of $150 is something you wouldn't want to pass up if you could.

Google Pixel Buds Pro
Pixel Buds Pro

Source: Google

With great audio, ANC, and a fantastic transparency mode, the Pixel Buds Pro deliver a premium earbud experience in ways Google's past attempts couldn't. If you're an Android user with $200 to spend on earbuds, these are a great pick.

Pump it up with the Pixel Buds Pro for $50 off

$150 at Best Buy$150 at Amazon$150 at Google Store

And if you're looking to fill a room at home, you might as well make it a Google Assistant speaker and the Nest Audio is up there at the top. For $100, you get rich, well-balanced sound and access to podcasts, music, and spoken information at the sound of your voice. But for $50, well, doesn't it just feel better?

Google Nest Audio

At only $99 and still filled with a bunch of features, the Google Nest Audio represents the best value on this list by far. The audio quality outmatches other speakers in this price range, providing robust, well-balanced sound across the whole room. Overall, you really can’t beat the value here. If you’re wary about straying from Google’s home base, we highly recommend this speaker.

Nestle up with the Nest Audio back for half off!

$50 at Best Buy$50 at Google Store$50 at Target

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