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Flash sale: Take an additional 30% off select Fossil smartwatches with prices as low as $54 (Sponsored)


With seemingly everyone working from home these days, managing your time — and even keeping track of what day it is — has become a challenge for us all. It’s up to you to watch yourself, and there has never been a better time to LITERALLY watch yourself than now (See what we did there?).

As an Android Police reader, we know that you aren’t likely to be satisfied with a watch that only tells the time. You want something efficient, smart, and good looking; like you (yes, we are flattering you. Good advertisements do that, and the best ones are forthright about it).

Wow, now that’s a smart-looking watch.

We know something else about you, readers. You are educated and savvy shoppers, which is a nice way to say that you’re really “cheap deal” chasers. That’s alright, so are we, and that’s how we know you’ll like this deal:

A wide selection of Fossil’s smartwatches, including a handful of Gen 4 Wear OS devices and a large variety of hybrid devices, are on sale. Even better, you can take an additional 30% off their already-discounted prices when you use the promo code SMART at checkout.

Did you know that navy is among the most versatile accessory colors? You do now.

You’d be SMART to head on over to Fossil right now to check out the sale. The event is winding down and you’ll be faced with fewer options the more time you wait (yes, those puns were very intentional). We won’t bother you with all the tech details — you know how to read a spec list.

Here’s the link instead. Get on over there and watch, you’ll find a model you love that won’t cost you a hand and a wrist. Every single one will look great with that combination of sweatpants and a dress shirt that you’re rocking right now. What are you still doing here? The clock’s ticking.

Time to make your coworkers green with envy on your next Zoom call.

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