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FCC shares Pixel 4a certification docs, in case Google ever decides to release the damn thing


We were all expecting the Pixel 4a to be a thing by now, but 2020 has derailed everyone’s plans. Google submitted the Pixel 4a to the FCC a while back, and now that filing is available for all to see. Admittedly, there’s not a lot to see, but we’ll take what we can get at this point.

There are three model numbers connected to the Pixel 4a—G025J, G025M, and G025N. We believe G025J will be the US model number, and the others will be for different parts of the world. The filing confirms Google will use an e-label for the regulatory marks, so the back of the device should be free of clutter. You can see the e-label below.

The FCC filings also include a full list of wireless bands, none of which are a surprise (see below). Based on past leaks, the Pixel 4a will have a Snapdragon 730, 6GB of RAM, a 5.81-inch 1080p OLED, and a single rear camera module. The front camera will be in a hole-punch in the top left corner of the screen. Leaks also show a fingerprint sensor on the back, something the Pixel 4 ditched in favor of Face Match.

Nothing in the filing tells us when Google’s planning to release the phone—some reports claim Google might hold the device back until this fall to launch alongside the Pixel 5. We know Google was preparing to ramp up advertising for the 4a several months ago, but real-world calamities and the launch of the iPhone SE 2 took the wind out of Google’s sails. Now we play the waiting game.

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