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Father’s Day deals for Google and Nest gear are on right now


You know what your dad needs? We hope it's a smart speaker, a video doorbell, or even a Pixel 6 Pro. Father's Day is a week away and if you want to ship any of these Google devices to him, you'll want to plan ahead and make sure you can take advantage of some neat sale prices while the going's good.

A whole raft of Google and Nest products have come on discount at the Google Store as well as select partner retailers though participation and product selection will vary. If you prefer using your Prime credit card on Amazon or want the chance to pick up your cart right away from Best Buy, we'll be listing links to those retailers as well as the Google Store, dependent on availability at the discounted price. Plus, if you need a second opinion before you dive in, we've linked our reviews where applicable.

Without further ado, here's the list:

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