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Discover what’s new in ‘.new’ domain shortcuts through this Google hub


Google introduced the use of “.new” domain shortcuts for a number of its own products in 2019, including Docs and Keep. Last October, the company asked ICANN, the group that manages internet domain names, for permission to open up the .new shortcut to other businesses. More than 200 .new shortcuts have been added since then, and today Google announced a central place to keep track of them all.

The new place to view what’s new with .new is, fittingly, whats.new. At the page, you can view a handy list of .new shortcuts sorted by category. A few of my favorites include compresspdf.new (make PDF file sizes smaller with Adobe’s technology), link.new (quickly create a Bit.ly shortlink), and reservation.new (make a restaurant reservation with OpenTable). There’s plenty of wilder ones to check out too, like perfume.new, which promises to create a unique scent based on your personality.

These .new shortcuts can be both easier to remember and faster to type than normal domain names, as well as getting you right to the functionality you need. Google says these new options will help improve productivity across categories from business services to creativity. It may not be brand-new anymore, but the number of .new shortcuts continues to grow.

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