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Decluttr pays 33% more for iPhone trade-ins than carriers, plus AP readers get an extra 10% on top of that


Okay, we all know this is an Android site (it’s in the name after all), but we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize that some of you fine folks are actively dipping your toes in the iPhone pond, even at this very moment. For those of you looking to throw out your current device for a new iPhone 13, Decluttr will pay you up to 33% more for old phone than what most carrier buyback programs offer, plus 10% additional cash when you use the promo code below.

Although Decluttr’s already made a few appearances on Android Police, this may be the first time some of you have heard about them. Quick rundown: They’re a full-service electronic device purchaser, refurbisher, and reseller. We’re not just talking about phones here, either; they’ll take tablets, wearables, laptops, game consoles, and more, all in exchange for cold, hard cash.

How much cold, hard cash, you ask? How does 33% more than your carrier will fork over sound? How about an extra 10% (up to $30) on top of that, exclusively for Android Police readers? And for those who currently own one of the top 10 phones that retain their value over time, you could even get enough cash from Decluttr to pay for half or more of your new iPhone. That’s awesome!

Why does it pay off to buy an iPhone?

Generally speaking, iPhones hold onto more of their value for a longer period of time than devices made by other OEMs, including Samsung and Google. That means if you currently have an iPhone that you’re looking to trade in, you’re in luck!

Based on iPhone’s valuation over time, Decluttr is willing to pay approximately up to $760 for a used iPhone, depending on the make and model. Keep in mind, though, that the prices listed in the graphics above are accurate as of Tuesday, September 14 and that they are subject to change rapidly, though Decluttr stresses that these numbers consistently outperform what you’ll be offered elsewhere. To lock in the value of your used iPhone for the next 28 days now, drop down to the next paragraph.

How to turn your used phone into cash

Ready to cash in your old phone? To get started, head on over to Decluttr’s website here and click “Start selling.” From there, just follow the prompts so that Decluttr can give you a calculated valuation of your current phone. When you receive an estimated dollar amount, Decluttr ultimately locks in the value of your phone for the next 28 days. That means it won’t depreciate any further while you wait for your new phone to arrive.

Don’t forget about the Android Police reader perk! To make sure you get your extra 10% cash (with a $30 cap), simply type in the code POLICE10 at checkout.

Then within 28 days from initiating your valuation, box up your phone, send it to Decluttr’s headquarters, and you’ll receive your cash via PayPal one day after it arrives. You can then use that cash to help fund your new iPhone, go on a date night, pay some bills, or do whatever else dollars can do, because Decluttr gives you real, spendable money — not store credit or useless redeemable purchase points. Enjoy!

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