Virtual Fun With Family: 3 Creative Ways to Connect With Family During the Pandemic

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Have you been stuck in your home for months due to the pandemic? Even though at times it may feel like it, you’re not the only one. Throughout the better part of 2020 and into 2021, there have been widespread lockdowns across the United States.

One of the most difficult aspects of living in a pandemic is feeling isolated from your family. The good news is, there are many things you can do to keep your close relationships thriving.

For more on how to have virtual fun with family during the pandemic, read on for some of our top tips and ideas.

Stream a Movie Night

If your family used to love going to the movie theater and enjoying your favorite flicks, this can still happen from the comfort of your own home. By streaming movie nights, you can watch movies on a live webcam with your family from all over.

First, set up a video call on a webcam site like Zoom or Skype. Then, choose which movie to watch once everyone has joined the call. Once you all have the movie pulled up, be sure to mute your mic until you want to speak during the movie.

Encourage everyone to dress up in pajamas, snuggle up with fluffy blankets, and make theater snacks. This makes for some of the most relaxing and fun family activities.

Build a Virtual Family Tree

Whether you’re at home with kids or are trying to learn more about your roots, building a virtual family tree is a fun and entertaining activity. With a digital family tree maker, you can feel more connected with generations of your family.

The first step in building a family tree is to call some of your oldest and most experienced family members. Whether it’s on the phone or over video chat, you should ask these people about any missing links in your family. Be sure to jot down any notes like names and dates during these calls.

Then, choose a digital template and start filling out the spots. This online family fun is an interesting and creative way to feel connected to your roots both near and far.

Host a Virtual Dinner Party

In many families and close friend groups, weekly and monthly dinners are a popular tradition. These traditions don’t have to die because of the pandemic. Another way to keep family time alive is by hosting a virtual dinner party.

This can connect you to family members all over as well as bond you with the family in your household. Consider setting a theme night such as Taco Tuesday, Spaghetti Sunday, or Meatless Mondays. Then, have fun making delicious and simple recipes at home.

You might also consider hosting a virtual cocktail party for the adults to share and experiment with different drink recipes. Be sure to set a time for a virtual webcam call. Set up your webcam near the dining table or someplace where everyone can be seen and take part in the conversation.

Make Time for Virtual Fun With Family

While the pandemic has caused hardships for people all over the world, family relationships shouldn’t have to suffer. With these virtual activities, you can have fun with family from the comfort of your home.

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