BOE is allegedly having quality issues with iPhone 12 OLED displays


It’s not the first time that we get information concerning BOE and their problems in quality tests. Just two days ago, we say that Samsung was going to use its own OLED panels in the Galaxy S21, as BOE had failed quality tests, and it seems that the company is also having problems with the screens for the upcoming iPhone 12.

It seems that Apple’s plans to find alternatives to Samsung’s OLED displays haven’t been so great. Samsung Display is still Cupertino’s main supplier of OLED screens, with LG and now BOE on a smaller scale. This last one is allegedly failing quality checks of the iPhone 12. A report from Ddaily claims that BOE’s panels didn’t only fail Samsung’s test to be in the next Samsung Galaxy S21, but Apple’s tests as well. However, BOE would try again, and submit new panels to both Samsung and Apple to see if this time they pass quality checks.

Source Apple Insider

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