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Apple AirPods vs Surface Earbuds: Which wireless earbuds should you get?


Microsoft made its true wireless contender available in May, but how do the Surface Earbuds compare to the Apple AirPods? Read on to find out how the two sets of headphones stack up.

Microsoft’s shiny grey earbuds look quite different to Apple’s AirPods (especially the shape), but Microsoft has a very specific audience in mind for these headphones. The Surface Earbuds are all about productivity. Some of their more unique features include Office 365 integration and a translation feature for PowerPoint.

The Surface Earbuds hit stores on May 12, but how do they compare to Apple’s famous AirPods, and which one should you get out of the two?

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Apple AirPods (2019) vs Surface Earbuds — Price

Amazon currently has Apple’s second gen AirPods listed at £159 with wireless charging, or £129 without. That’s a saving of £30-40 next to the RRP on Apple’s sit.

The Surface Earbuds are a little more expensive, with Microsoft charging £199 with no support for wireless charging. That’s £40 more than Apple’s equivalent set.

Apple AirPods (2019) vs Surface Earbuds — Design

While the AirPods and the Surface Earbuds differ in shape, neither is particularly subtle. The AirPods feature Apple’s stem design, while the Surface Earbuds present a simple (but certainly no more discrete) circular form factor. Neither pair offers much in way of colour variation, with the AirPods coming in just white and the Surface Earbuds in light grey.

The Surface Earbuds come with three pairs of silicone ear tips (S/M/L) so wearers can get a custom fit and take advantage of noise isolation. The shape should help to create a seal for better noise isolation and stability. However, we’ll have to test it ourselves to see (or hear) how effective this feature is.

The regular AirPods do not come with any ear tips, instead they hang precariously off the ear. This also makes the AirPods less suited to workouts as a mere wobble might shake them loose.

The AirPods also lack an IP rating, while the Surface Earbuds have a rating of IPX4, meaning they can stand up to a little sweat or rain.

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Apple AirPods (2019) vs Surface Earbuds — Features

The Surface Earbuds most unique selling point is that their productivity applications. They have Cortana voice assistant support, Office 365 integration and live translation. Office 365 integration means users dictate to Word documents, stay on top of Outlook emails and swipe to the next slide in PowerPoint without taking their phones out. Surface Earbuds wearers can even activate live on-screen captioning and translation in PowerPoint to have their words translated into 60+ languages on the fly.

The AirPods also offer voice assistance with Siri, and both headphones can be navigated with touch controls. The AirPods touch controls allow you to play, skip songs and answer calls, while the Surface Earbuds let you do all that, as well as triple tap for Spotify and adjustment of volume with swipe gestures.

The Surface Earbuds offer fast pairing with smartphones that have Android Nougat and above, while the AirPods boast one-click pairing with iOS devices. Connect the AirPods to your iPhone and the headphones will sync across your iCloud account to pair seamlessly with any other Apple device. Apple does not offer Siri support or quick setup for Android users, though the AirPods provide a rock-solid connection across both operating systems.

The Surface Earbuds include SBC and aptX codecs along with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. The AirPods are kitted with Bluetooth 5.0 thanks to Apple’s H1 headphone chip, but that’s only for set-up/connection with other Apple devices. Both pairs also feature dual microphones for improved call and audio quality.

The Surface Earbuds offer a slightly longer battery life, with eight hours of playtime and 24 hours total in the charging case. The AirPods, on the other hand, have a five hour battery with 24 hours in the charging case. However, the AirPods also offer more advanced charging features including fast charging and the option of a wireless charging case.

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Apple AirPods vs Surface Earbuds — Performance

While the AirPods are certainly a large step up from previous Apple earbuds. But by no means do they offer best-in-class audio.

Instruments don’t sound particularly crisp and the vocals lack detail. Bass can be messy and weakly defined and the quality of audio can compromised by the presence of environmental sound, which can slip in due to poor noise isolation.

The AirPods offer improved sound for iPhone users looking to upgrade the wired earbuds that came in the box, but these headphones are not for audiophiles.

Microsoft says that the Surface Earbuds offer a “rich, immersive Omnisonic sound” thanks to its custom-designed drivers. The aptX codec should also assist the headphones in delivering high quality audio. We’ll have to wait until we get our hands on the Surface Earbuds to both see and hear how they sound and how they measure up to the AirPods.

Apple AirPods vs Surface Earbuds – Early verdict

Whether you choose Apple’s AirPods or Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds, it essentially comes down to what features you’re looking for.

If you’re an iPhone user who prioritises convenience, you’ll love the AirPod’s fast pairing and rock-solid connection, as well as Apple’s more advanced battery features, including quick and wireless charging.

If you’re a workaholic and tied into Microsoft’s suite of programs, you’ll certainly appreciate the Surface Earbuds Office 365 integration, live translation and the slightly longer battery life. And based on the specs, the Surface Earbuds would be better suited to after-work gym sessions due to their fit and IP resistance rating.

Unless you intend on taking advantage of Microsoft’s Office and translation features, the AirPods offer better value and cost £40-70 less.

Audio quality is another area we’ll need to confirm, but neither appear to be for audiophiles. If audio quality is the deciding factor for you, then take a look at our list of the best wireless earbuds.

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