Android 11 finally lifts the 4GB file size limit for recording videos, sort of


If you’re into recording a lot of videos on your Android phone, you must be aware that when a video’s file size exceeds 4GB, it is automatically cut and divided into two or more clips in the background without pausing the video capture. However, it appears that Android is finally lifting that 4GB file size limit imposed by an old API.

Android Police reports that the Open Camera app can shoot continuous videos with a file size larger than 4GB on a phone running Android 11’s first public beta that was released earlier this week. However, the default Google Camera on the Pixel smartphones app is yet to lift that file size cap. A few weeks ago, a Google developer confirmed that the new code which lifts the 4GB file size limit will be integrated into Android 11.

However, it appears that we’ll have to wait longer for developers to adopt the new API and allow it to reflect in their apps, including the Google Camera app. Notably, the folks over at XDA-Developers spotted this upcoming change in Android 11 back in December. You can read the detailed post here.

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