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Add some RGB accents to your setup with the Govee Immersion TV backlights for just $54 ($18 off) (Sponsored)


Why just watch TV when you could become fully immersed in the viewing experience? Whether you’re binging a beloved TV series, catching the latest direct-to-streaming blockbuster, or kicking back with your favorite video game, you can take whatever’s playing on your screen and project its colors beyond the display. Make your TV sessions feel bigger and bolder than ever before with the Govee Immersion Wi-Fi TV backlight set, now only $53.99 ($18 off) with coupon code.

The Govee Immersion TV backlight is essentially a Wi-Fi-connected lightstrip that attaches to the backside of your 55-65″ flatscreen TV. With some help from the included 1080p camera that can be installed along the top or bottom edges of your TV, Govee’s ColorSense technology actively captures whatever’s playing on your screen and relays that information to the attached lightstrip, casting a mesmerizing explosion of color onto your walls.

With 12 integrated scene modes, you’ll have full control over the lightstrip’s ambient output, while Govee’s segmented color feature allows you to tune the vibrancy of the backlight based on your viewing preferences. There’s even an enhanced music mode that will let you sync up the music from your favorite live concerts or karaoke sessions with the rhythm of the lightstrip.

Once installed, the Govee Immersion TV backlight is easy to use. Simply download the official Govee Home app to your phone for access to brightness, timing schedules, and more, all from the palm of your hand. You can also pair the TV backlights to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, giving you the power to adjust settings with simple voice commands.

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